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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 7, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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a half hour ago we told you about reports of voter suppression in virginia as voters head to the polls for election day. people are concerned about some voting locations in northern virginia with open tables to fill out your ballot on. some of the tables don't have privacy screens or partitions to hide the ballots from other people who are just sitting around. >> i'm going to keep my voice down because people are voting now. but people were calling us and we wanted to check out the issue for the ourselves. >> people are allowed to fill out ballots at these tables. it's not a requirement. only if you feel comfortable. the county sent out 600 of these private voting booths and we talked to
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election officials about the process. >> is there privacy concerns at all? >> most people, no. but there are some. we're all different and we all have our individual privacy concerns and so we've seen a couple who would just look around carefully to see where they want -- and we have an extra cable by itself, if a couple people are sitting too close to each other. they can have another space. >> reporter: similar concerns were expressed in fairfax county. people were worried about how close they were standing. >> i can't imagine why it would make a big difference if the folks are just making sure that you're procedural ex
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table or a private booth. it's important for people to exercise their right to vote. and that they feel comfortable doing it. >> wusa 9. officials tell us each location has private voting booths and it's up to the voters to decide whether or not you use them. you always have the option to wait. wusa 9 is your home for election results, including the virginia governor's race. and you'll see it first on the fire department says it was arson. somebody set that deadly house fire last -- investigators identified the victims today. and have not released the names yet. and there's a fever issue efforts
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the fire. contact prince george's county police. a family of four is out of their home. this happened in the call veryton area. the family made it out alive but the three dogs did not. this was all an accident and caused about $300,000 in damage. the infectious disease mumps appears to be spreading among universities. an american -- the d.c. department of case the cases do appear to be connected but they are checking this out. mumps can be pretty by a sneeze or sharing a drink. after florida state university banned all greek life, the university president is spoking about
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to tragedies on campus. some students might think the action was too drastic and the university president felt it was appropriate. >> we wish we could have saved this individual. >> this is something we've got to address. >> reporter: the president adding this is a problem on every major university campus. >> greek terrible sifts -- >> louisiana state university issued a one month greek suspension. the fsu president will end the suspension when greek organizations help create a new culture for the students. president trump arrived in south korea today, the start of a two day visit. he met with the south korean president who says he hopes the president's visit will be
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turning point in the effort to diffuse the tension. tension with north korea is causing fear. a developer turned hundreds of abandoned military bunkers in south dakota into doomsday shelters and the sales are soaring. they are blast proof, from the 40s, and used to store bombs and now being renovated to hold all the supplies. >> we're prepared for whatever and whenever. >> the company is called vivos. over the past years, sales have increased 1000%.
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how a confession created backlash for jim beam. >> look here. the ugly christmas rompers are here. >> they're our cold november rain --
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ooks good.
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>> >> it's trending, black friday sales. dozens of stores will not open on thanksgiving. that's a good thing. and other big box stores like target and walmart are going to open. vote in the poll on our wusa 9 -- i'm supposed to ask you what i think. >> i'm not shopping on thanksgiving day. >> you're not shopping on black friday either. >> i get one day of christmas shopping. and then done. >> vote in the poll and we'll see the results around 5:45. >> bourbon getting caught
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politics. people are boycotting jim beam after mila kunis -- she sends monthly donations to planned parenthood in the vice president's name. pence supporters started a boycott beam. >> they are filling 5000 barrels of bourbon each year. >> no chaser for you. >> not right now. after the show. the latest holiday trend is christmas rompers. for dudes. be hold, the ugly christmas and hanukkah men romper. from the online retailer. >> get on fleet. >> they are short
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themes. these bad boys, not cheap. you want to romp you got to pay up. a hundred dollars. >> i'm telling you what. if we light that up. you could wear that for the ugly christmas sweater/romper competition. >> i got something already planned out. >> we have to augment the plans. >> you haven't seen the sweater vest. >> this is go -- >> if she uponied up and bought one, i might wear it on television. diddy was only joking about changing his name to brother love. he made the name change announcement. and there's been an overwhelming response and he doesn't want there to be confusion. but he's dropping new beats on
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>> a thing of the past. >> why twitter is giving you more characters to tweet with. >> so i get to hear more from people i want to hear less from. and
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it happens every single day. cars flying down a d.c. street too fast and the dreaded speed camera gets you. which speeds cameras in the district are nailing the most drivers? we're learning more about an attack on senator rand paul. his neighbor rene boucher may be charged with a felony. the two men have had a long running dispute over yard waste. he admitted to tackling paul when he was mowing his yard. he was left with five broken ribs. communities in texas are still recovering from harvey. many were impacted by seeing photos of animals helpless and lost. some of the animals e
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our area recovering and they'll be ready for new homes soon. >> i think we forget about everything that they went through. this guy was in an emergency shelter for two, 2 1/2 months in a strange situation with a lot of dogs and a lot of barking and the fact that he can come out of that acting like this completely happy, shows the testament of their character. >> she's one of five dogs now at the animal welfare league of arlington. >> hi, sweetheart. >> zoe needs a little more help coming out of her shell. >> she's been through a lot in the last couple of months. and she's really sweet and likes being around people. and when it's quiet and calm she comes out and gets a little mo
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need of help and have been going through a tough time. it's rewarding to see them sort of blossom. they come in nervous and scared and worked up. and a couple days to a couple weeks later. they're calmer and we're getting to know them better and they are so sweet and i love to hang out with them. >> our hope is that the animals we adopt out find awesome new homes and live happily ever after. >> the staff is having a lot of fun getting to know the harvey dogs. and they'll make sure the dogs are healthy. and then they'll be put up for adoption. if you've got room in your home and heart for one of those cuties, check out our website for more on how to adopt the animals. twitter has doubled the
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character limit in tweets. most tweets will now fit 280 characters. >> what? >> that's up from 140. >> now? >> twitter says the expanded character limit will allow for easier expression while retaining the brevity. i don't know about this. in september they started a test with a small group of users, and the change means the highest profile twitter user will now have a lot more space. should stores be open on thanksgiving for black friday sales? the results are in and overwhelmingly you say no. let them stay closed. went to stuff our tummies more. and then on black friday we'll be crazy. and walk it off. >> we have a football game on thanksgiving too. >> yes, we do. >> are you working on thanksgiving? >> no, i don't think so. i'll be working to stay awake. >> i'll be the only one
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>> do you have interesting shopping? >> no. >> i love it. it's like sport. >> i don't need to -- i just like to be out there with people and all of the humanity. >> okay. yeah. >> it's so glorious. love hanging out in the malls. >> let's talk about arctic air. >> arctic -- cold. >> right now it's not so cold. we do have some cold air that drained down the mountains and produces snow and kept us in the 40s. 48 right now. and 36 in minneapolis. but up here some pretty darn cold air for november. below zero holliman island. and that's going to drain to the south as the front makes its way south. this front will not go through the metro area until thursday night. wednesday we're in good shape. and thursday is a
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and then thursday night the arctic air rolls through on friday. and we're talking cold air. temperature-wise, 20 degrees below average and wind chills will be in the 20s and 30s. the actual temperature will be 43 on friday. 26 in syracuse. and barely above freezing in chicago and below freezing in minneapolis. a shot of cold air for november. a live look outside. it's 43 and winds northeast at 10. it's a tough night. and here's the radar over the last hour. the back edge of the precipitation goes pretty far west all the way to i-81 and you see the yellows and oranges. there's batches of moderate to occasionally heavy rain. the heaviest rain is south of town. and this will move along the south end of the beltway. and we're looking at heavier rain over to eastern avenue. and down to the south. this is pretty good rain. and it's all pushing off to the east. don't see the
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8:00 or 9:00 and then it tapers off to showers. bus stop temps, 36 to 46 and cold but dry. showers south of d.c. mainly southern maryland and the northern neck. and milder on thursday, and arctic air on friday. and a good shot of arctic air. thursday probably the best day in the week. 56. arctic air on friday. and then brisk for the college games. and monday and tuesday not bad. highs back in the mid- to upper 50s. now, wusa 9 sports with darren haines, brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: colin kaepernick has been invited to attend a
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commissioner roger goodell. he hasn't responded yet to the commissioner. we have more on the issue. kaepernick filed a grievance alleging collusion against signing an nfl contract. he knelt during the national anthem before games to protest social injustice. he has not been with an nfl team since march. it's sad news because roy holiday died today in the gulf of mexico. he was 40 years old. he was a two time award winning pitcher. he recently received his pilot's license. he played for toronto blue jays and the philadelphia phillies. for more on the death of roy holiday, just like our facebook page and we also have the retest on the nationals, the
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wizards. speaking of the wizards. how about bradley -- >> he's making 57% of his shots and he's shooting 38% from behind the ark. the dude rarely misses. he's raised his average. lebron james and steph curry -- if there's one guy who has been snubbed from the all star game, it's bradley basically. nobody is putting up competition at the shooting guard position like mr. basically. >> they're playing the mavericks and they have win- win. that's like going against a jv team. coming up at 6:00. something really rare and vulnerable has been spotted in the chesapeake bay and it's
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a lot of people worried. >> who hasn't taken something from a hotel room before? >> lotion.
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cigna. together all the way. let's -- who hasn't taken something home from a hotel
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leslie? towels, sheets? >> one d.c. hotel is giving you a chance to return the items. >> harry -- and 1918, the marriott hotel is steeped in rich history. including the discover of the nation and d.c.'s own original busboy poet. >> this is the ♪ [ music ] >> back in 1925, alongston hughes was working as a busboy. and now the famous poet and itself history by raffling off a free two night stay in the langstonhughes suite. >> what is th
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that someone has walked away with? >> a lamp from a hotel room? >> how do you walk away with a lamp? >> very slowly. >> lamp is still on the night stand but hotel staff have received silver, a coat hanger, and a -- from a honeymoon stay. vintage wash cloth and -- it's already shaping up to be an impressive collection. >> you got a story to tell and an item to return? send it here to the hotel along with a 25 to 250 word essay. and the winner will be chosen in january. and even though you don't get your item back it will be showcased in a permanent display in the hotel lobby. we begin with
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people inside that texas church killing 26 of them. turns out that devin kelly escaped from a mental health facility in el paso in 2012. police reports say he was being held there after threatening his air force superiors. kelly eventually returned to the facility by police. authorities are being forced to investigate how he was able to buy guns in the first place. he had a known history of violent behavior that included a conviction for domestic violence against his wife and stepson. the defense department is investigating how they failed to put him in a national database. 50 people were inside that church at the time of the shooting. few escaped without injury. >> everybody started
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wherever they could. it was so scary and that man was shooting. i mean he was shooting hard. >> investigators looking for a motive now focusing on threatening messages he sent to his mother-in-law. she attends the church. she wasn't there during the shooting rampage. they have his cell phone but have not been able to unlock it. a single family lost nine family members in the church shooting. grandfather brian -- and his wife carla, his son and his daughter. crystal and her unborn child and three of her children, emily, meg, and greg. >> if you start thinking about who these people in your life would be, that would be taken all at one time


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